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Layers of London air traffic

NATS - London 24 - Layers of London air traffic

An animated air traffic data visualization shows the layers of actual traffic associated with each of London’s 5 major airports.

Each data layer builds over a 24-hour day, culminating with all layers combined together, along with actual flights passing over London, to make a web of incredible density.


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Source: 422 South

Aer_Lingus_cockpit_video_-_Dublin_to_Los_Angeles_-_inaugural_LAX_flight.mp4 NATS_-_A_day_over_the_UK.mp4 NATS_-_London_24_-_Layers_of_London_air_traffic.mp4 NATS_airspace_infringers.mp4 NATS_-_North_Atlantic_skies.mp4